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Online Flight
Booking Service

We support all major airlines for domestic as well as international flight ticket bookings.
mland pay flight booking Service

What does mLand PAY
Flight Booking Offers?

mLand PAY offer large number of services, that simplify daily life. At mLand we gather a number of services at a single place, so you can offer all on a single roof.

Most Aviation
With our booking system you can book all flight service provider.
Instant Booking
Our system needs 1-2 minute to book any light.
Higher Cashback
With every flight booking, we give huge cashback. You can also set your markup.
Onsite Support
We are providing 24/7 onsite support.

And many many more not named above. Click here to get support.

With our platform, you can open flight booking agency with very low investment.

Some features of our flight booking service are –

  • Cheapest rates of all flights – domestic and international
  • Special Coupon fares available for selected airlines
  • Put your own logo on the printed e-ticket
  • You can add your own service fee/markup to the flight prices
  • Email & SMS Alerts to customers on ticket booking
  • You can add meals and baggage while entering passenger details
  • Standard filters to search in flights

Currently we do not provide APIs of flight booking. We provide agency, distributorship and invite franchisee partner to expand our flight booking business. We also provide white label solutions to provide flight booking feature in your network. Please use buttons below to register/contact us

All the bill flight booking services you’ve got yourself used to

Below are some booking options we provide in our service portal.

White Leble Business SolutionStart your business like ours, with own logo and brand name.

User & Services Palnel

You get ready-made portal for your agents, distributors.

Data Networking

Developed on cloud with the most innovative & up to date technologies.

Customizable UI

It is ready-made, so quick and easy to brand it with your own.

Advanced API

It saves you time and money in developing your own website.
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Objectively integrate enterprise wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium mobile technologies.


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